1. How many people can be on a team? You can have as many as 10 people on each team, but we suggest between 4 and 6 people as the optimum group size!

2. What is the objective? With 1 hour and your team of up to 10 people, you will use your smartphone and be tasked with scavenging the area for much needed food, supplies, and shelter. The more things you find in the 1 hour, the more points you get and more likely you are to survive. The task will not be easy. Along the way, you will be asked to complete some challenges or answer a trivia question in order to be rewarded extra points. The goal is to get 4000 points in 1 hour in order to survive the apocalypse.

3. What day is this? Zombie Scavengers is not on a specific day, you can play anytime you'd like.  Our Guide Service is available should you need a hint to a clue.

4. Will we have a guide? Zombie Scavengers is played using your smartphone. We are not physically there with you. However, you will have a remote guide texting you throughout the game to give you hints, tips, and help if you need it!

5. How long does Zombie Scavengers take? You'll have one hour to play and get at least 4000 points to survive the zombie apocalypse. 

6. Can I bring the kids? Yes, Zombie Scavengers is a family friendly game and it makes a great family day!

7. I have a question about a group package. No problem, please email us at for more information about our groups and events.

8. Is this inside or outside? We do not have a facility to complete Zombie Scavengers in. Zombie Scavengers is played around the city. You may need to go in businesses in order to find some items.

9. Do we pay for tickets per person, or per smartphone? In Zombie Scavengers, you pay per team. You can have as many as 10 people per team.​

10. Where do we park? We do not have designated areas for parking, you will need to locate public parking near your starting location.

11. Can we carry alcohol while doing the hunt? You would have to check out the laws in your city to know that for sure, but if it is allowed in your city, we don't mind either!

12. Are there actual people dressed as zombies following us around? Nobody will be physically there with you during the game. Everything is done through your smartphone.

13. Do we have to purchase things during the game? You are not required to purchase anything during the scavenger hunt. Once you find an item, all you have to do is take a photo to prove you found it.

14. Can I have the app on more than 1 phone? Yes, you can put the app on as many phones as you'd like.

15. Does the app require data? You will need data to play since you will be uploading photos throughout the game. WiFi connection is not always available or reliable.



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